10 million EUR fundraising

BASQUEVOLT is located in Alava and aims to become the European leader in solid state battery technology. To realize this, the company leverages its proprietary composite electrolyte that results from more than 10 years of research. Professor Michel Armand and some of the world most successful solid state battery researchers are working for the research.

The mission of BASQUEVOLT is to develop sustainable and cost competitive technologies. As a result, they will make possible the mass deployment of electric transportation, stationary energy storage and advanced portable applications.

The company will initially develop several technologies. They will include a proprietary polymer composite electrolyte and a high silicon content anode. Both products will contribute to solving solid-state battery challenges. The technologies are protected by 10 patents have been licensed to BASQUEVOLT as part of the launch of the initiative. This unique technology brings lithium batteries beyond the state of the art. In other words, they will bring the market high energy density, safe and competitive products. It is particularly important to ensure battery costs. They try to use the right materials in the electrolyte and a more energy efficient and less costly manufacturing process.

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