Transition to a holding company

According to its official news, the annual general shareholders’ meeting has approved the transition to a holding company. Thanks to the new structure, the new companies will take clearly defined responsibilities and make decisions faster. As a result, the global Panasonic organization will more flexibly adjust to changing business environments and emerging opportunities.

In the current mid-term strategy (2019-2022), Panasonic’s vision for 2030 is to break away from low-margin businesses. Also, it tries to position the company for future growth in higher-margin sectors. In fact, the Japanese company made a decision to shut down its TV factory in Europe by March 2022. Even though it is facing the difficult situation including the pandemic, Panasonic continues to make progress toward this goal. When the current mid-term strategy ends in March 2022, focus will shift to refining the competitiveness of each individual business.

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