Reduce iPad production

Several media reported that Apple decided to reduce iPad’s production. iPad is one of the major products in the US technology giant. In fact, demand of it is soaring up after the pandemic. This is because many governments in the world introduced several restrictions of our movement to reduce transmissions. As a result, people across the globe work or study from their home without wanting or not.

When it comes to remote working or learning, tablets are very comfortable and easy to use. Our researcher is using iPad and he told us that the product is very useful especially for the meetings. The resolution of its camera is fine and he can use it more intuitively. In this sense, iPad suits for children’s learning environment. This is because network connection, its stability and user friendliness are most important for remote learning.

In fact, tons of students all over the world are struggling to participate in remote classes due to poor connection. The pandemic is still continuing and we think that remote working and learning will not disappear. Therefore, demand of iPad is also keeping. However, Apple made a decision to decrease its production. There are several reasons why the US tech giant did so, but the importance of iPhone is one of them.

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